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Holy crap...this holster is way nicer than I was expecting!! Excellent buy!!

Hi Ryan, I just got your holster for M&P Shield. I tell you this is the best value holster for this pistol. I was about to give up on the "Shield" because I could not find a holster that was comfortable enough to wear with this CCW pistol. So far I have tried Alien Gear and de Santis soft tuck leather holster. Both were too bulky and was uncomfortable. Alien gear also took away feedback against your skin that gun is secure. 
Thanks for your wonderful product. I will definitely recommend it to my friends. 

OUTSTANDING!!! This is how it's done RIGHT. Even Better than I expected

Excellent product, Fast Shipping. Foxtrot Concealment is the Real deal. AAA+++

Hey Ryan, I received the holster for the Glock 17 and had to tell you that it is without a doubt the MOST comfortable IWB holster I've ever worn. Thank you so much for making it special order (not to mention the speed you made it in). I will be recommending you to anyone I know is looking for a GREAT concealment holster.

Hey Ryan, just following up to review the holsters my friends and I had ordered about 2 years ago (Glock/M&P Shield,Body guard, Compact, and 1911). I am pleased to say these hold up to just about anything! Out of the 15 or so we have purchased only one clip had broke (due to user error, which you kindly replaced for him). They are thin enough to fit in almost any pants without having to go up in a waist size and are awesome because I can adjust the retention with a heat gun if needed! Highly recommended to everyone here at homeland security as you know and now the word is spreading to my local police department here in the city. Awesome Products for an Outstanding and Trustworthy Honest guy! Thank you! I will be ordering more for friends for sure!

I just wanted to express how overwhelmingly pleased I am with the purchase of the glock 22 holster.  What a quality product. Not only will this be my go to place for future holster purchases, but i will be sure to recommend you guys to friends who ask about holsters.